5 July, 2021

Biden Administration is Using January 6th Lies To Wage War on Trump Supporters

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It’s shocking how the Biden administration is using a fake narrative to wage war on Trump supporters. And the media is, of course, repeating that fake narrative every few days.

The so-called “insurrectionists of Jan. 6, 2021” were Trump supporters who just walked around inside the Capitol waving flags, and they were actually let into the Capitol building! Yes! Cops/guards opened the doors for them. But, some of the protesters were violent antifa leftists who were merely posing as Trump supporters in order to discredit Trump (in other words, the “insurrection” was a false-flag operation carried out by antifa thugs).

“Meanwhile the Capitol Police and federal government are withholding over 14,000 hours of video surveillance footage from the day, which could help provide exculpatory evidence for many of the approximately 550 individuals who have been arrested, including the numerous who remain in extended solitary confinement without bail.” (14,000 hours?? Gee, that’s a lot of hours of video).

[A long article, with lots of information, Here].

More: [Here].

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