5 July, 2021

California, a Bellwether State

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California used to have it all: there was nothing you couldn’t do there: camping, boating, surfing, hiking, skiing, mountain climbing. It was a paradise.

Then the leftist politicians ruined it, beginning with the liberal Edmund “Pat” Brown in 1959 [1].

Today, California is a bankrupt, dysfunctional, multicultural joke. The police watch criminals commit crimes and they don’t even stop them. Marxists run the government. Illegal aliens are considered to be “citizens.” People are fleeing California by the thousands-per-month. Taxes are sky-high. You need government permission to mow your own lawn. “Homeless people” (bums) camp out anywhere they want to — even in your front yard, and the police do nothing about it. The beaches are polluted (some beaches display warning signs such as: “Danger: the water pollution level at this beach is high today. Don’t go into the water.” Forests catch fire and burn for 3 months because the green Marxists won’t allow dry, dead brush to be removed from the forests. Psychedelic drugs are now almost legal in CA (just wait a few months), in order to take peoples’ minds off of the fact that CA is in the friggin’ toilet.

Here’s the point: do you want to know what America will be like in 20 years? Look at California today. A total mess.


[1] Here’s a funny and ridiculous anecdote about Brown, and liberals (bold text is mine):

“During both terms in office, Brown commuted 23 death sentences, signing the first commutation on his second day in office. One of his more notable commutations was the death sentence of Erwin “Machine-Gun” Walker, whose execution in the gas chamber for first-degree murder had been postponed because of an attempted suicide some hours before it was scheduled to take place (!! Why bother??). After Walker recovered, his execution was postponed while he was being restored to mental competency. After Walker was declared sane in 1961, Brown commuted Walker’s death sentence to life without the possibility of parole. Walker was later paroled after the California Supreme Court held that Governor Brown could not legally deny a prisoner the right to parole in a death-sentence commutation.” — Wikipedia

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    1. Whitewil Sux Says:

      California is dead. And I don’t feel so good myself.