23 July, 2021

Chile: Well, There She Is. The Jew in the Wood Pile

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(Above: Salvador Allende).

When it comes to the Left, there’s always a Jew in the wood pile, hiding somewhere, hoping that no one will discover him/her.

You knew that the Chilean president Salvador Allende (1908-1973) was a communist creep who destroyed Chile in 1972/1973, before Pinochet kicked his ass. But guess what? Allende was also a Jew. His mother Laura was a Jew, making him Jewish according to Jewish religious law. Here’s a quote:

“(Allende’s) father Salvador Allende (senior), a lawyer, was of Basque background and his mother Laura Gossens had a Belgian Jewish background (though converted to Catholicism).” [Here, a website in Columbia].

Strangely, despite being a Marxist thug, Allende is worshiped as a “democrat” and he has large statues erected to him, including in Chile and Austria. Why? Because Marxists are idiots, that’s why.

Allende also appointed many Jews to his government, e.g., Jaques Chonchol and David Baytelman (who planned the governmental confiscation of private land in Chile), Oscar Waiss (director of the government newspaper La Nación), Hector Böhm Rosas (director of the confiscated banks), David Silberman (directed the confiscation of the private copper mines).

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