25 July, 2021

Historian Eugen Weber, or, Jewish Experts Tell Us About Our History

Posted by Socrates in historical propaganda, history, Jewed history books, Jewed philosophy, jewed politics, Jewish 'experts' at 2:44 pm | Permanent Link

This writer wants his readers to watch/listen to Eugen Weber lecture. So I did. Weber had an exuberant, authoritative voice. He sounds like “an expert.” [Obituary].

The late Jewish historian Weber (1925-2007), a professor at UCLA, was an entertaining historian. No, I didn’t say he was a good historian. I said he was “entertaining” (as a speaker). Born in Romania, the popular Weber specialized in Western Civilization. A potential problem if one is a Jew and your usual audience is White.

Note the mention of historian Martin van Creveld in the article, who is also a Jew.


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