16 July, 2021

Leftists Worry That the Left Is Overreaching, and It Is

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Leftists always overreach. Because the Left, as a movement, has no brakes. Here, a leftist is worried that the Left is alienating lots of people with its heavy-handed, Stalinist methods. (Yes, it is alienating lots of people! And that, of course, will spark a backlash against the Left. Most especially alienating about the Left is its over-the-top intolerance of anybody on the Left who goes against — even slightly — the Official Leftist Dogma. It’s very Stalinesque. If you dare say one word against the Official Leftist Narrative, the leftists will land on you like 7 tons of bricks. Which is funny, since leftists have been claiming since the 1960s that they are “tolerant”).

[Video, 50 minutes].

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