6 July, 2021

On The U.S. Defeat In Afghanistan

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The war in Afghanistan: it was like the Vietnam War, but it lasted twice as long. Like Vietnam, America spent literally tons of money in Afghanistan but has nothing to show for it. Will Afghanistan spell the end of our stupid foreign wars? Nope. (America fighting two wars at once [in Iraq, too] doomed the Afghanistan War, which took a back seat to the Iraq War. And you can blame the Jewish neocons for that two-wars-at-once situation; they had a hard-on for attacking Iraq, and they also lied to the American people: Saddam Hussein did not have any “weapons of mass destruction” so we didn’t need to invade Iraq).

“While the withdrawal of U.S. troops and their NATO allies has been praised by some and heavily criticised by others, there is one thing seemingly everyone can agree on: the 20-year U.S.-led mission to defeat the Taliban has been an utter failure.”


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