3 July, 2021

The Biden Plan to Kill the White Suburbs

Posted by Socrates in Biden, Biden administration, genocide, Genocide Convention, genocide of White culture, War On White Males, War On White People at 1:01 pm | Permanent Link

Granted, Joe Biden is, well, “under-performing these days,” so who’s the genius who dreamed up this anti-White idea? Obama, I think.

This is a plan to kill the White suburbs, apparently to punish Whitey both socially and financially (home values will go way, way down once neighborhoods are de-Whitened and then you won’t be able to do the “White flight” thing, honky!). (And to think, we freed the slaves and gave them welfare, food stamps, education, jobs, etc. Why did we do that? It only made the Blacks more powerful and more uppity. Now they’re making demands all over the place).


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