2 July, 2021

White Female Stooges

Posted by Socrates in "woke", 'Black Lives Matter', anti-racism movement, anti-White themes, anti-White White people, Western civilization, Western culture, Western decline, women, women and emoting, women as politically/racially worthless at 12:24 pm | Permanent Link

The “anti-racism”/”woke” movement was designed for Whites in general but White women in particular, because they buy into it more easily than White men do: “Ohhh, the poor Black felons! Those mean White cops just won’t leave them alone! Ohhh, such racism! Such hate!”

For example, look at any photo of a BLM protest: most of the people there are White women — young White women, of breeding age. Instead of staying at home and raising White children, they’re out marching in the streets for the benefit of Blacks. That’s known as “race treason.” Is that surprising? No. But it’s depressing nonetheless.

(Look at this: a sea of White! There’s not one Black face in this photo).

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