13 August, 2021

Australia: No Jab, No Work. In Other Words, Marxist Tyranny

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So much for “the free West.” That’s long gone. Now it’s totalitarianism. The jab, or no money to buy food, and your family starves. Unbelievable!! Liberals are such assholes. Damn them all.

“Australians are outraged once again after the Government of New South Whales increased the severity of COVID restrictions by implementing a strict “no jab, no job” policy that is set to begin on Friday in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

In the outright assault on individual freedoms which is being billed as a decision for the “greater good,” the power-hungry liberal majority on the council mandated that workers in some specific industries must get vaccinated before they are allowed to return to their job. The directive only applies to construction workers and tradesmen at this point, but more industries are expected to be added.”


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