11 August, 2021

Germany: Honoring Evil With Postage Stamps Since 1968

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“In May 2018, the German postal service released a postage stamp to commemorate the 200th birthday of Karl Marx.”

I did not know this. Why did the German government do that? Marx was a horrible person. His “communism” killed tens-of-millions of people and destroyed many countries.

Consider this: a man who is responsible for more death and destruction than any other human was honored with an official postage stamp in a “democratic” country??? My god, the West is much more diseased than I realized. The German postal official who okayed that Marx stamp should have been thrown into prison.

But wait: the situation gets even more ridiculous: both East and West Germany separately issued official Karl Marx stamps back in 1968.

What is wrong with these freaks in Germany? Have they been eating/drinking industrial chemicals from factory pollution and the chemicals stunted their brains?? Were all the smart people in Germany murdered by the Stasi (secret police)?? How else to explain it? Surely P.C. alone cannot explain it.

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    1. Pierre Says:

      Merkel a Jewish communist what do you expect ! Germany is a Jewish run country.

    2. Maibaum Says:

      Then you haven’t seen the List Of Shame yet

      Marx occupies 3rd place in Top 10, no-
      mination defended by (((Gregor Gysi))).

      Einstein on position 10, nomination defen-
      ded by (((Nina Ruge))), see German wiki.

      In 15th place (ahead of Mozart in 10th)
      “singer” Daniel Küblböck aka Lana Kaiser

    3. Maibaum Says:

      (PS: Correct my error “Mozart in 10th” to “Mozart in 20th”, thx)

    4. Maibaum Says:

      How dreary this world would be without “modern art”!

      “Tino Sehgal is a German-British artist. He calls his works ‘constructed situations’. These are ‘interpreted’ by instructed persons and exist only in the moment, as they may neither be documented nor reproduced by media.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tino_Sehgal

    5. Maibaum Says:

      @admin (not for release)

      One eargasm after the other (“your tongue in my ear, I’m wax in your hand”).

      Men generally don’t believe what cultural feats the female brain is capable of. The negative video review can only be about the most vicious patriarchal tendencies.

      We white men should finally learn to take the feminist “war cry” seriously!