12 August, 2021

Killing Childhood Innocence

Posted by Socrates in child abuse, child abuse via liberal propaganda, children, children and parenting, Cultural Marxism, homeschooling, homosexual themes, homosexuals, leftism, leftist/liberal cruelty, leftists, liberalism, liberals, liberals as bullies, politicization of everything at 10:03 am | Permanent Link

There is no childhood innocence anymore. Thanks to constant leftist propaganda, the average child is jaded by the time he reaches the age of ten. His little world is an endless parade of queers, trannies, “global warming” doomsday crap and “White people are bad/Black people are good.” How to counteract that? Homeschool your kids and get rid of your TV, for starters. (That stuff above is child abuse, by the way. As I noted previously, in some states it is illegal to deliberately cause psychological distress/harm to a child. But “global warming” propaganda does just that. Liberals are cruel people. Have you noticed how liberals politicize everything? Yes, everything! Every. Little. Thing.).

“And this week, in the pages of the DC anthology comic Batman: Urban Legends #6, Robin comes out. He rescues a male friend from the hands of a villain and experiences a flash of insight, a “lightbulb moment” — and later, in his civilian identity, accepts his friend’s offer of a date.”


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