11 August, 2021

Scientists Are Afraid of Racial Things. But Why? Race is Part of Science

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Instead of being neutral about racial matters, scientists are shocked and scared that AI (Artificial Intelligence) can recognize race. That speaks volumes about modern scientists. It’s as if they want to not discover racial things! Which is, of course, the case, because they know that racial matters are taboo in the West since circa the mid-1980s, thanks to the media and the universities being controlled by The Usual Suspects. Political Correctness (P.C.) is a disease: you catch it from Jews [1][2].

“Is this a White lung or a Black lung or a Chinese lung? Humans can’t tell. But AI can. And ditto for the heart, the liver, the pancreas, the spleen, and, it appears, everything else in the human body. As that medical researcher despairingly concludes: “[T]here is no easy way to remove racial information from images. It is everywhere and it is in everything.” (Wait a second: you mean, race isn’t “just a social construct”??).



[1] Political Correctness was a Soviet term. It referred to “a statement that is not factually correct, but is nonetheless politically correct.” Political Correctness is a sub-ideology of Cultural Marxism, and Cultural Marxism is a sub-ideology of Critical Theory. They all came from Jews at, or connected with, the Frankfurt School.

[2] the first major P.C. uprising was on January 15, 1987 at Stanford University in California. Students, faculty and the Reverend Jesse Jackson chanted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go!” (referring to compulsory Western Civilization courses there. Such courses were mandatory throughout America. But today, no colleges mandate Western Civ courses).

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