21 August, 2021

The Coming Shortage of Nurses and Doctors and What It Will Mean For You

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The hell created by the Covid-19 scamdemic: will anyone be going to prison for causing it? Not just for months but for many years?

Big Medical and Big Healthcare have informed thousands of nurses and doctors that “if you don’t get the experimental Covid-19 jab by “X” date (e.g., Sept. 1, 2021), you will be fired.”

That’s bad news for every American. That will lead to a shortage of nurses/doctors, since many of them are saying that they will not get the jab, because they know it’s not safe, since they have seen horrible side effects from the jab already. Recall that the jab is not FDA approved (and even if it was, so what? This current FDA has zero credibility, ditto the current CDC).

Threatening to fire nurses and doctors makes zero sense because, as we know now, many vaccinated people have, or can get, Covid-19! [1]. In fact, many experts believe that the Covid vaccines actually cause the “Covid variants” due to what is called “shedding” and “leaking.”

A shortage of nurses/doctors means that, if you need medical care, you may be in trouble, depending on which hospital or clinic you end up in. “Understaffed and overworked” is a recipe for disaster. Medical mistakes will increase dramatically, and you may have to wait 2 or 3 weeks to get an appointment. Even if it’s an emergency, you may have to wait many hours.

And to think, that will happen solely because assholes are now running America, Big Medical and Big Healthcare. Those assholes aren’t vaccine experts. They are bureaucrats who worship Saint Fauci and the politicized CDC. Being hired by the Biden administration or by Big Medical doesn’t make you an expert. In fact, if the Biden administration or Big Medical hired you, you are definitely not an expert.


[1] see the news article “Three Fully Vaccinated US Senators Test Positive For Covid-19” by Cristina Laila, August 19, 2021, www.thegatewaypundit.com. Of course, how anyone would know that they were really positive for Covid is unknown, since the PCR test sucks as a Covid-detecting device. False-positive results are very common.

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