7 August, 2021

The Driving Tax in the Infrastructure Bill: a Sick Liberal Fantasy

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A news headline: “Infrastructure bill floats national mileage fee despite Biden’s $400,000 tax hike ‘red line'” (Aug. 3).

Liberals are human mosquitoes: always making life miserable for normal people.

Liberals are unhappy jerks who hate themselves (often for being born White). The only way they can make themselves happy is by oppressing other people. Look at California: everything in that state is either banned or mandated. It’s Orwellian. It’s Soviet. You need a special permit to trim your own trees (it’s true)[1]. Lenin would be pleased with California’s style of governing.

Liberals love two things: taxing everything and waging war on gasoline-powered engines (because, the liberals claim, they cause “global warming”).

Lucky for us normal people, a per-mile driving tax would be almost impossible to implement: putting special devices on millions of cars? Won’t work. People would tamper with the devices. Putting video cameras on every road? Impossible, plus, they’d have to hire thousands of people to monitor all the cameras. So, at this time, the per-mile driving tax fantasy remains just that: a leftist fantasy.



[1] In California (in this example, in Los Gatos), a special permit is required to trim a “protected tree,” which means: “All trees which have a 12 inch or greater diameter on developed residential property.” So, if the tree in your backyard is 12 inches or bigger, you need a special permit to trim it. The government may, or may not, grant you a permit. It’s as if you don’t own your tree (if you’re a homeowner). The current fee in this example is $250 per tree/$125 for each additional tree in the same application. Los Gatos is a city in the San Francisco Bay area, but the fee may be higher or lower elsewhere. Most places in California have such tree-trimming regulations

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