9 August, 2021

The Essence of Judaism

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by Dr. William L. Pierce.

(Judaism is racism. Period. If you practice Judaism, then you practice racism. So why are the Jews never called “racists”? Why do the Jews work feverishly to “fight racism” in America when they themselves are racists?)[1].

“Each morning, every Orthodox Jew in the world thanks his god “who has not made me a goy, a slave, or a woman,” in the words of the prayer. (Goy is a particularly slighting Jewish name for non-Jews.) According to the Jewish conception, Yahweh, who saw fit to elevate the Jews above all the other nations, is not merely the tribal god of the “chosen” race, but the Lord of all creation. As they see it, their god is the God of the Gentiles, the God for the Jews.

It must be stressed that this theological notion, for the Jews, does not derive its importance from a heightened consciousness of an obligation to the Divinity. The meat of the doctrine, for Jews, is Israel’s sanctity, not God’s. Passages in the Old Testament referring to Israel’s divine election are customarily interpreted in an allegorical sense by Christians, who take them as presentiments of a beatitude and salvation accessible to all men. For believing Jews, however, lines such as, “For the nation and kingdom that refuses to serve you [Israel] shall perish, such nations shall be utterly ruined” (Isaiah 60:12). are justifications for a frenzied chauvinism.”



[1] Jews are both a race by historic inbreeding and a religion. Occasionally a non-Jew converts to Judaism but Orthodox Jews don’t recognize them as Jews. Jewish religious law (Halakhah law) defines a Jew as “a person born of a Jewish mother.”

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