26 August, 2021

The Scam Is Slowly Ending

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Seen: a brand new sign on the window of the local chain drugstore (paraphrasing it):
“All Customers Must Wear Face Masks Regardless of Covid-19 Vaccination Status.”

Hmmmm. A smart man might interpret that sign to mean: “We now know that the Covid-19 vaccines aren’t worth shit, so it doesn’t make any difference if you’ve had the jabs or not.”

The scam is slowly ending. But: to be replaced with…what? A new scamdemic to combat right-wing populism (Trumpism), like Covid was designed to do? Will the (((same suspects))) who created (((Cohen-19))) wait until Donald Trump runs for president in 2024 to launch the new scam, or will they make a move sooner than that?

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