18 August, 2021

Why The Left Hates America

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If Blacks, Browns, women and homosexuals had founded The United States of America in 1776, you couldn’t shut them up about it. They’d be bragging 24/7 about how they founded the best, freest, most productive and most powerful country on earth.

But that’s not what happened, of course.

The emotional, child-like Left hates America because it was created and run by conservative White males and only by them, not by anyone else [1]. That’s a huge sin to the Left, and the leftists cannot forgive White males for that “crime.” How dare they nearly achieve perfection all by themselves, without including Blacks, Browns, queers, women, midgets and vegetarians! How dare they! That wasn’t inclusive! That wasn’t democratic!


[1] the Left is a coalition of angry losers that uses your tax dollars to wage war against you

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    1. Hail Rock N' Roll Says:

      This just in from the Taliban regarding the rainbow flag-you lost get over it.