5 August, 2021

Words Mean Things. Indeed, Civilization Depends On It

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You can’t just go around inventing ridiculous words, such as “transgender” (which now means that a person can change his sex. Paul can “become” Mary. No, he can’t).

This is a great essay. Please share it widely [1].

“Truth matters. Words matter. What is objectively the case matters. And insofar as our words and concepts can be about the objective world at all, then the shared set of words and meanings that we collectively use and are permitted to use to describe, navigate, and refer to that objective world matters. Such is the case for any society worth defending. The growing rash of instances of threats, intimidation, social cancelling, and violence in the name of creeping gender ideology within academia and beyond drastically threatens this shared set of goods and values and marks the beginning of what will be a steep and rapid descent into institutionalized tyranny if left unopposed.”



[1] The Jewish “philosopher” Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) invented the concept that “words have no concrete meanings” and therefore you can invent word meanings freely, depending on the context. According to Wittgenstein, the context in which a word is used is the sole determiner of the word’s meaning. For example, “White supremacists are terrorists” could be true depending on the “language-game” (his term) being used. This is postmodernism and it’s a dangerous way of thinking because there are virtually no boundaries to postmodernism. It’s like Alice In Wonderland come to life. Anything could be true. The Cheshire Cat could really exist. Postmodernism denies reality, which is a danger to Western culture. Related to Wittgenstein, philosophically speaking, is another postmodern Jew, Jacques Derrida. According to Derrida, there is no reality, just theories and opinions. Derrida pioneered the idea that “if you believe it, and you say it, it’s true.” By that way of thinking, if you believe you’re a dog, and you say it aloud, then it’s true. Arf! Arf! Jews have ruined the West, White man!

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