7 September, 2021

A Powerful U.S. Senator Says America Will Return to Afghanistan!

Posted by Socrates in Afghanistan, Israel, Israel - the facts, jewed foreign policy, jewed politics, war, War On Israel's Enemies, war propaganda, War! War! War!, warmongers, wars started by Israel, Zionism, Zionist lobby at 12:33 pm | Permanent Link

This is madness. Total madness. To be clear: America fought a war in Afghanistan for 20 years (2001-2021) and lost the war! Lost it! Why in the name of hell would anyone even suggest that America return to Afghanistan??? (The answer, of course, is that powerful Jews want America to go back to Afghanistan for Israel’s benefit. The Zionists believe that America must maintain a permanent military presence in the Middle East. They believe that radical Islam could spread. It might. But that’s not our problem anymore! Sorry! Twenty years of combat is enough! The Vietnam War [our part of it] only lasted 10 years! We lost that one, too).


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