21 September, 2021

AIDS, the First Political Disease

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AIDS: like Covid-19, it was all about politics, not about health.

This is a Linda Ronstadt interview, filmed for TV, 5/27/89. Re: an AIDS benefit concert at Oakland Coliseum in May 1989:

Ronstadt sang at the AIDS benefit concert because she wanted to help “get rid of” the idea that there was “moral baggage” involved with having AIDS, and she said that the idea of moral baggage/AIDS is “ridiculous”…she hints that anybody can get AIDS regardless of who they are (i.e., queer or straight). There was, she says, a “witch hunt” against people who have, or might get, AIDS.

But that is absolutely not correct, since 99% of the people who got AIDS in the 1980s were male homosexuals. It was clearly a homosexual disease, despite leftists saying otherwise every 3 days. It was all political, all designed to make president Ronald Reagan (and later president George Bush) look mean-spirited and uncaring. Totally political. Nothing else. (Since the pro-homosexual movement was, and still is, 90% Jewish-run, figure that one out! Duh.)

[Video, 2 and a 1/2 minutes].

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