9 September, 2021

An Interesting Conversation About America Today

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A man who I had not seen in awhile stopped by yesterday. We chatted for awhile, mostly about Covid-19 and things surrounding Covid.

Our conversation was interesting in that, even though he isn’t a White nationalist per se, we agreed on two major points about the current state of America (i.e., the stolen 2020 election, Donald Trump, Covid, Biden, the lockdowns, etc.). I’ll outline those two points that we agreed on.

Point 1: we agreed that the things that have happened in America over the past year and a half were/are not accidental. They were engineered by powerful people. Why? Because those powerful people were scared. Why were they scared? Because they could see (or, they thought they could see anyway) a White revolution building up steam. The amount of political support that Donald Trump got, and continued to get, shocked and scared them. These powerful people (mostly Jews, although my friend did not mention “Jews” per se) are naturally paranoid and were worried that White people would see themselves as being the victims of genocide via all of the non-White immigration into America (and that’s true: Whites are being genocided by immigration, i.e., both legal and illegal immigration, and by multiculturalism as well). Those Jews feared a possible White revolution (whether armed revolution or unarmed). They were shocked at the huge wave of right-wing populism that Trump produced in America: it was like a sleeping giant being awakened! [1]. They thought they had killed off that type of people during the past 30 years and that the only people remaining on that part of the political spectrum were a few neocons and a few hicks in rural Mississippi. But the Jews were very, very wrong! Trump got a jaw-dropping amount of support — even from Hispanics and college students! Make no mistake: Trump’s conservatism was not “regular Bush-type conservatism.” Again, it was right-wing populism, and nativist, and that’s a whole different animal. It smelled too much like “nationalism” to the Jews. Hence the reason for the fake Trump impeachments, the Covid planned-demic, the stolen election, the endless lockdowns, the endless riots, CRT, etc. Those things were designed to both discredit and demoralize Trump and his millions of supporters, to “take the wind out of their sails” so to speak.

Point 2: we also agreed that America will not return to “normal.” This current state of America is the “new normal.” The Jews and their leftist allies don’t want America to return to normal. They want to marginalize and alienate White America to the point where a White revolution cannot possibly occur. That’s the main goal. They want to keep White America permanently off-balance. So, look for a lot more bullshit to come: endless fake diseases, endless fake “crises” and “emergencies,” endless anti-White propaganda on the TV (negroes in every commercial) and in the schools, etc. This is the “new normal.” (How to combat it? Get rid of your TV set, only associate with other White people, and ignore all mainstream media. Also, homeschool your kids).


[1] ethnic Jews led the anti-Trump movement. Some of the more-visible Jews who led that movement were: Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, Rep. Brad Sherman, Andrew Weissmann, William Kristol, Mona Charen, Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Alexander Vindman. Furthermore, America’s heavily-Jewish media attacked Trump on the very day that he announced his candidacy for president: June 16, 2015. That was a clue.

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