9 September, 2021

Australia Goes Full Soviet Union in Embracing the Covid Madness

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It really is a cult! Covid crap is like Jonestown, Guyana, 1978, with Rev. Jim Jones talking to his people over the P.A. microphone: “People, all you have to do is drink the juice, just drink the juice and you’ll feel just fine in a few minutes…there, there, don’t worry, the juice is full of vitamins…trust me…”

Given the Aussie fondness for booze, this little stunt won’t end well! Stupid leftist leaders. What is a leftist but a future Stalin or Lenin? It’s genetic. Mommy was a commie so they are commies, too. Yeah, liberal “tolerance”! Sure!

News quote: “Residents in apartment blocks locked-down by NSW Health are having their alcohol deliveries policed as part of a policy to limit the number of drinks being consumed each day,” NCA News Wire reported. Government goons are rummaging through private mail deliveries, confiscating alcohol and telling Aussies they can only receive a ration of “six beers or pre-mixed drinks or one bottle of wine.”


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    1. Luke Says:

      Haven’t the Aussies been pretty much completely disarmed, following that transparently obvious ZOG psy-op false flag shooting at the Port Arthur massacre?

      I have thought for a long time that the jewish stranglehold over America had to be the strongest stranglehold that they have over any historic White nation on Earth – but, judging by the tyranny I see now happening in Australia – maybe my thinking was mistaken.

      I also wonder if the difference in how aggressive these jew totalitarians have been in Oz has anything to do with the fact that the Aussies have been disarmed and American Whites have not yet been disarmed?