18 September, 2021

Australia Is Going Full Soviet

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(Above: a Covid-19 “concentration camp” in Australia. Wonder if they are using Zyclon B?).

What in Hell is going on in Oz?? Have they been reading Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin?? First, the draconian Covid lockdowns and “Covid concentration camps,” and then insane gun bans (some bans have already happened and more bans are still pending) and warrantless searches by police (pending). [Article]. This is not a good time to live in Australia.

“The legislation that was introduced into the Victorian State Parliament by the state‚Äôs Police Minister, Lisa Neville (pictured above), is called the Firearms and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2021.”

Ahhhh, okay. She’s a “Police Minister”! How did that happen?? Liberal women running the show, instead of normal (i.e., conservative) White men running it. Now it’s all clear! Western (White) civilization used to be run by normal White men. Now it’s not. This is a very, very serious problem. In fact, in many ways, Western civilization is no longer Western. It’s non-White and female. That’s not Western, because White men built the Western world. Period. Full stop. End of discussion. Indeed, let’s get even more detailed here: I have asked in the past, “are White women ‘White Western’ in the normal sense of the term?” I still ask that. It’s a legit question. When women run a White country, is it being run by “White Western” people? The answer: usually not. Some women can think “White Western” but most of them succumb to the usual leftist/Marxist crap: gun control, multiculturalism, big government mandates, “gay rights,” etc., etc. When women run things, there is usually no “Western Civ” happening. Marxism is happening instead.

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