1 September, 2021

Blacks Have Ugly, Abnormal Feet

Posted by Socrates in Black physiology at 9:11 pm | Permanent Link

One medical study from North Carolina in 2012 revealed that Blacks are 3 times more likely to have pes planus (flat feet) than Whites. But frankly, I think the percentage is actually much higher than that: flat feet in Blacks is more common than that, i.e. closer to 10 times more likely than in Whites. Indeed, I’ve seen lots of Black feet (in photos, check for yourself) and all were flat (i.e., fallen arches, which means uneven weight distribution on the feet). Just saying.

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  7. One Response to “Blacks Have Ugly, Abnormal Feet”

    1. Welcome To Costco I Love You Says:

      Grammaw always said that they are color coded for reason.
      Just read about cities in California having no resettlement for replacements with State Department guidelines stating that it is too expensive.
      No way for catholic charities to get their grift on.
      Orcs can’t do stealth and there is one local who rides around on a bike with neon lights and a stereo system better than some cars.
      Looks at me I be all shiny n’ sheeit.
      Those people who prattle on about at least I’m not a racist?
      They never had to live around any vibrant diversity and will move in a NY minute if any comes around.

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