5 September, 2021

Clown World is Here

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There is a phrase among the political right-wing that America has become “clown world.” Yes, in many ways it has. Common sense has largely vanished. Ridiculousness is now the order of the day: “transgenderism,” Marxism being taught in the schools, Black people allowed to ruin the cities with crime, our political “leaders” aiding and abetting the crime, etc.

Consider this: America now pays Black criminals (with your White tax dollars) to not commit felonies and murder!

“In an effort to reduce the massive spike in crime this year, the city of San Francisco will be testing a new program that will pay 10 individuals who are at “high risk of shooting someone” up to $500 a month if they do not pull the trigger.”


Speaking of clown world: look at this photo of two male queers holding their new babies: why are they sitting on an adult hospital bed? Are they implying that one of the men “gave birth”?

  • One Response to “Clown World is Here”

    1. Reality Is A Harsh Mistress Says:

      Activate Clown World vision, everything is the same!
      We laugh at the keep me safe mommygov weak marshmallow gray egalitarian herds and the hard times!
      Soft Karens of the male and female variety mashed potatoes with legs get what they deserve at the grease slop buffet line fountain.
      At least I’m not a racist they prattle, I’d rather be a racist than a mongoloid.