15 September, 2021

NYC Doctor Says Covid Is Political and Not About Health

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Actually, the doctor is half-right: it’s political, yes, but it goes far beyond politics. This is The Great Reset. Remaking the West. “Improving” it.

Ask yourself: what do the Jews (our current overlords) do best? Nation-wreck! That’s their specialty. They’ve been doing it since…well, since almost forever. Ask the Palestinians, who now number 20 percent of Palestine (they used to be 60 percent of Palestine until the Jews began genociding them in 1947) [1][2][3].

Covid-19 is about waging war on White people (Black and Brown people don’t matter in that war: our overlords see those non-Whites as merely “collateral damage”; Whitey is the target of the war, which will — our overlords hope — wreck Whitey in every way: mentally, physically, financially, even sexually if it turns out that “the vaxx” negatively impacts reproduction, as has been rumored — in fact, a respected pathologist warned pregnant women and “women of child-bearing age” not to get the vaxx, since long-term reproductive complications from it are of course unknown).

News quote: “Never in my lifetime have I seen medicine so politicized, where individual treatments are banned because of who is promoting them. It’s a scary time to be a healthcare professional, and the public needs to know how bad things are getting. Your healthcare is being guided by political demands, not by what will lead to the best individual healthcare outcomes,” Dr. James said.”

Isn’t “deliberately harming White people” a crime? I think it is. Or, it used to be, at least.



[1] re: Israel, the Jews destroyed 600 Palestinian villages in one year alone (1947-1948). Just one year! The villages were bulldozed by the Jews to make room for the creation of the Jewish state of “Israel.” The Jews are still bulldozing Palestinian homes today, but it’s okay because the Jews are “God’s Chosen People”; He likes them the best!

[2] a “nation” means “a group of people who are racially/ethnically alike” (e.g., White people, Japanese people)

[3] Jews are not genetically White, although they have “white” skin

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    1. Pierre Says:

      The problem is that our overlords are also doing it to Jews in Israel, I don’t know myself what to make of that. Jewish elites treat their own population the same way our elites treat us. Does that make any sense?