18 September, 2021

Oh, Boy, Fred Reed Again, the Third One

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This is Reed’s third “conspiracy theorists/Jews” essay in a month. He just can’t let go of the “Jews/conspiracies” thing,” can he?? (By the way, yes, Roosevelt did allow the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor — in fact, he was counting on it! Quoting the Marxist lesbian, Mrs. Roosevelt: “I have never seen Franklin so calm and serene as he was on that day” [when Pearl was bombed]. Yeah, I’ll just bet he was serene, the crippled pinko! He got what he wanted from the Pearl attack: war with the Axis powers, especially Germany. But FDR also had a hard-on for Japan as well).


“The Jews killed RFK. Obama wasn’t a US citizen. Covid doesn’t exist. While not existing, it contains microchips to track us. Also nanoparticles that do something probably not good. Also mRNA to reprogram our DNA. The Jews blew up the Twin Towers. The military blew up the Pentagon with a missile. The Jews killed Forrestal.”


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