8 September, 2021

The Covidian Cult, Part II

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What’s the difference between a cult and the pro-vaccine Covidians? Cults are usually smaller. The Covidians number in the tens-of-thousands. Most of them live in California or Back East. It’s rare to find a Covidian in Kansas, although a few may live in Wichita; most of them drive Volvos and eat salads. They love Woody Allen movies. Regardless, Covidian behavior is cult-like (this cultish behavior includes: using shaming, lying and guilt to control people; not allowing people to question the official dogma; having an “us-versus-them/group-think” mentality or an “ends justify the means” mentality; extreme/obsessive behavior).


“Despite the fact that they tell themselves that they’re trying to help you “come to your senses” or “see the truth,” or “trust the Science,” they are not. They are cultists, desperately trying to get you to conform to their paranoid beliefs, pressuring you, manipulating you, bullying you, threatening you. Do not engage them on their terms, or let them goad you into accepting their premises. (Once they’ve sucked you into their narrative, they’ve won.).”


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