1 September, 2021

The U.S. Military is Pushing the Covid Jab Hard for the Soldiers. But Why?

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It’s curious how the Covid-19 “experts” treat “the jab” as a very urgent priority for the U.S. military. Military men are young and are the healthiest of people. Hardly any of them get hit hard by Covid-19. So why the rush to “vaccinate” them?


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  7. One Response to “The U.S. Military is Pushing the Covid Jab Hard for the Soldiers. But Why?”

    1. Sino-American Friendship Center Says:

      You might check the current rainbow poop emoji forces of the Kwanstain, standards have been lowered in the interest of egalitarian horseshit.
      The vax is so the CCP’s PLA can 5G the Kwannie Brigrades and have a cakewalk as part of the Fundamental Transformation.

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