28 September, 2021

Those Dangerous Vaccinated People, and, For-Profit Hospitals

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More Covid-19 baloney is revealed here.

It seems that the vaccinated people are more dangerous to society than the unvaccinated, because they carry higher viral loads (more virus molecules). This, of course, is the exact opposite of what Joe “Where’s My Brain?” Biden said a few weeks ago. Biden said that the unvaccinated were evil people who, by remaining unvaxxed, threaten the safety of every man, woman, child, puppy and hamster on the planet. Nope! If a vaccine works, then why would vaccinated people carry more virus than unvaccinated people?? Ponder that.

By the way, did you know that there are two kinds of hospitals in America? Yes. Non-profit and for-profit. Many of them today are for-profit, and in fact, there are entire networks of for-profit hospitals in America. That explains a lot, re: Covid-19![1]. That explains the sneaky, “every-patient-has-Covid!” baloney that we have seen at so many hospitals. Roughly 23% of American hospitals today are for-profit. (In the old days, all hospitals were non-profit, i.e., charity or community hospitals). Let me guess: today’s for-profit hospitals are managed by people named Weinberg, Feinberg and Goldberg. Just a guess. Medicine is the second-highest-ranking specialty of the Jews, right below law.



[1] The 2020 CARES Act established the $150 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund. It’s a giant federal government bank account that pays out money to hospitals, clinics, etc. to cover their Covid care expenses. They get paid from that fund for each Covid-19 patient they receive. The amount is something like $17,000 per Covid patient, but twice that amount if the patient has to be put on a ventilator. You can see why, at a for-profit hospital, nearly every patient would be declared a “Covid patient!” Even state hospitals get money from that fund.

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