29 September, 2021

UK: More White Privilege Crap, or, Why Attend College Today?

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All of the “Other” people today demand respect. By default. Automatically. (The “Other” means: anyone who isn’t White and male). Dumb negroes demand respect just for showing up on time in college classrooms. Sorry, jungle-bunnies, but it doesn’t work that way in real life (college isn’t real life, it’s clown world).

There’s a very old saying: “to get respect, you must earn respect. It isn’t just handed to you.”

How can you earn respect if you’re a tranny, a queer, a dumb negro or a worthless leftist? You can’t. Don’t even bother trying.

News quote: “The ‘Expect Respect’ course is described by the university as outlining ‘the behaviour we expect of you while you’re with us’. It covers ‘issues of racism, bias, sexual harassment and consent’.”


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