23 September, 2021

You Call It Communism, I Call It Judaism

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“To the first group must now be added Marxism – a creed, like the others, of violence, a religion derived ultimately from Judaism.” -— from the book “East and West” (New York; Mentor Books, 1965) by British historian C. Northcote Parkinson, p. 241.

It’s popular for Jews and leftists to deny that communism is Jewish. But it is. Or was, anyway.

In fact, Karl Marx — the founder of communism, and a Jew — got his ideas about communism from Judaism circa 1845. Communism is based on historic Jewish communal living [1].

Marxism/communism, as many people have noted, was designed to be a weapon against White Western culture. Marx had hoped that communism would spread to England and wreck it, but it didn’t. Communism turned East instead and wrecked Russia and China.

In American communism circa 1920, there was no difference between communism and yiddishkeit (“a Jewish way of life”). It was the same thing. One and the same! (That changed circa 1928 when the Soviet Comintern put pressure on the Jews to lessen the Jewishness of the communist parties; the Comintern was worried about Zionism replacing communism/Bolshevism in the hearts of the Jews).

Every communist movement in the world was founded and dominated by Jews. Even in China! Jews such as Adolph Joffe, Grigori Voitinsky, Mikhail Borodin (born Gruzenberg) and Sidney Shapiro spread communism into China beginning in circa 1919. In America, Jews such as Jay Lovestone, Nicholas Hourwich, Benjamin Gitlow and Alexander Bittelman led the communist movement. Jews such as Phil Piratin, Abraham Lazarus, and brothers Maurice and Max Levitas tried to communize Britain. In Australia, Jews such as Peter Simonoff/Simonov, Boris Taranov-Skvirsky, Alfred Tennyson Brodney (real name Brodzky), the three Aarons brothers (Eric, Sam and Laurie [Laurence]) and Sam Wyner dominated the communist party. In Canada, Jews such as Fred Rose, William Kashtan, and Sam Carr (real name Schmil Kogan) were the leaders of the Marxist movement. In Germany, Jews such as Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Radek, Kurt Eisner, Karl Liebknecht, Leo Jogiches, Paul Levi, Rudolf Hilferding, Eugen Levine and August Thalheimer tried but failed to sack the country via a Marxist revolution.

Anyone who studies the history of communism will easily come to the conclusion that it was a Jewish movement [2].


[1] “The Qahal/kahal was a theocratic organizational structure in ancient Israelite society according to the Hebrew Bible. In later centuries, Qahal/kahal was the name of the autonomous governments of Ashkenazi Jews until being abolished in the 1840s” –Wikipedia, Sept. 2021.

[2] “Jewish” in this post refers to people who were genetically Jewish, not religiously Jewish. Indeed, many Jewish radicals were not religiously Jewish.

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