15 October, 2021

A Conservative Jew? Nope.

Posted by Socrates in France, Jewish behavior versus White behavior, Jewish brain features, Jewish genetics, Jews-posing-as-White-people at 2:00 pm | Permanent Link

Quote: “Zemmour is an unlikely hero for the French nationalist right. The son of Berber Jews from Algeria, he is 63 years old and has never held public office.”

Some Jews “say the right things.” But get this into your skulls, newbies: if France is a White country (and it is!), then don’t vote for a Jew, no matter how “conservative” he may seem in his fancy campaign speeches. Jews think as Jews, not as Whites. I’ve never met/seen a Jew who “acted just like a White nationalist in every way.” Deep down, the Jew has sensitive “Jew-feelings” and they’ll come out at the worst possible time.


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