4 October, 2021

Are You a Conspiracy Theorist?

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What great timing for such an article! Right in the middle of the Cohen-19 scamdemic, the biggest lie ever foisted upon the West.

So, apparently, if you don’t buy the “official government tale” of event x, y, or z, then your brain doesn’t work correctly.

Actually, the opposite is true. The “official government narrative” is always what powerful people want you to believe, because that’s the version of history that benefits them and their powerful buddies [1]. Allowing the little people to know the truth doesn’t benefit them. Napoleon said “history is a set of lies agreed upon.” Just consider our “court historians”: every court historian in the West gets his “facts” about history from…yep, other court historians! Not good! That creates an echo chamber, a circle-jerk. (The only exception to the court historians is British historian David Irving, who will hop on a plane and fly 15,000 miles in order to personally talk to an eyewitness to a long-ago historical event. Now that’s a real historian).

Re: the Hollowswindle: no doubt, there were dead bodies at Dachau and other German concentration camps at the end of WWII. But how did those people die? There’s the rub! It couldn’t have been because the “allies” bombed all the supply lines from the air (i.e., roads, bridges, railways) and therefore food and medicine were unavailable to not only the camp inmates but even to the camp guards? It couldn’t have been that! Gosh, no! My Jewish history teacher, Mr. Goldberg, said everybody in the camps was “gassed” with a common delousing agent called Zyklon-B! Since Mr. Goldberg is an “expert” then his version of the Hollowswindle wins the argument each time.



[1] consider the Vietnam War, aka the Walt Rostow War. That war was about several things, but “preventing communism from spreading in Asia” (the official lie) wasn’t one of them. You died for nothing, G.I. Joe, G.I. Frank and G.I. Steve.

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