20 October, 2021


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Leftism is about figuring out how to “buy the loyalty” of a “coalition of marginalized people”: freaks, faggots, negroes, feminists, child molesters, communists and heroin addicts, who should be in prison (i.e., in “special camps”) but somehow are not. That’s “the Left.” A collection of human garbage (that human garbage now controls America).

“At the core of Bioleninism is the articulation of a process through which a Coalition of the Fringes has been built / mobilized by the Elites to seize / wield Power, which comports to the universal historical pattern of High and Low against the Middle.” [1].

“After a lot of trial and error, Leninism came up with class-struggle, and that not being a workable strategy in the wealthy West, slowly people started scraping the bottom of the barrel, hiring and promoting spinsters and gays and blacks and Muslims and whoever was unhappy with their status in the wealthiest and happiest society in human history.”

“Now every organ of state power, private corporations, religious denominations and every branch of the military, has a bunch of blacks and lesbians and transsexuals as political commissars to ensure that any order from the movement gets implemented faithfully. How is that different from Communist Party cells?

It’s less formalized than classical Leninism because it didn’t arise out of a complete break up of the old society, like in 1917 Russia. Bioleninism just slowly creeped little by little and colonized existing institutions without destroying them outright.”



[1] the “high and low” strategy (aka, “pressure from above and pressure from below”) was used by Czech communist Jan Kozak circa 1947. It amounted to “fooling the citizens into choosing enslavement, rather than having soldiers force it on them.” The John Birch Society mentions this strategy often. “Below” = “mobs rioting in the street” e.g., antifa. “Above” = billionaires funding antifa. Sound familiar? It should! We saw it all through 2020!

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