23 October, 2021

Cultural Marxism in Space: Doomed to Fail Sooner or Later

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Space Engineer #1: “Oh, I’m so excited! Lisa is going to be the first trans woman in space!”

Space Engineer #2: “Well, I just hope they don’t notice the smell of her, uhhh, mangina. It can get a little, you know…rank.”

(Later, in outer space)

Normal White Male Astronaut #1: “Oh, my god!! What is that horrible smell???”

Normal White Male Astronaut #2: “Sweet Jesus, let me out of here! That smell could make a sewer rat puke!!”

Lisa the Freak: “Transphobia! Transphobia! You’ll both lose your jobs for that!” (*sob*)(*whimper*).[1].

News headline: “NASA announces the ‘launch of the first woman and person of color to the moon’”



[1] Manginas, aka, neovaginas, are breeding grounds for various funky bacteria. One medical website said of neovaginas: “a foul smell of the vagina was observed in most patients”

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