12 October, 2021

Evil White Male Oppressors, or, Same Planet, Different Worlds

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Oh, those evil White heterosexual men! Must they dominate everything in the world??? Yes, they actually must! Because they are thinkers and doers. That’s what they do. They can’t help it [1][2][3]. Listen to a group of men talking: they’re discussing politics, technology, world affairs. Important stuff. Listen to a group of women talking: they’re discussing drapes, wallpaper, casserole recipes and Lisa’s hot new boyfriend. Same planet, different worlds.

“The fact that white men are so radically over-represented among Nobel prizewinners in science tells us in no uncertain terms that we, as a society, are missing out on a whole range of new ideas and discoveries that depend on a diversity of ideas and backgrounds…”



[1] my uncle was always building or tinkering with something. He once rebuilt an old truck just to see if he could do it, and he succeeded — he did a professional job even though he wasn’t a mechanic. White men are the builders of societies. Jews, on the other hand, are the destroyers of societies. Since Biblical times, the Jews have never built and maintained a society of their own. All Jews know how to do is make money. No, not earn money. Make money. There’s a big difference. Israel? That’s a laugh! Israel was created by violent force (Jewish terrorists forced the British out of Palestine). And today, America funds, and protects, Israel. Everything that Israel has today came from White men. Even Palestine itself (the British controlled it until 1948; if not for Jewish terrorists — such as the Irgun terrorist group — constantly murdering British soldiers, the Brits would still control Palestine today. One of the leaders of the Irgun group was Menachem Begin, who became Prime Minister of Israel. What does that mean? It means that being a Jewish terrorist is perfectly okay, but being a White terrorist isn’t okay. Just ask Timothy McVeigh).

[2] Men dominate the “hard sciences” (physics, biology, etc.). Women dominate the “soft sciences” (child psychology, sociology, etc. — if sociology can even be called a “science”! A Jew named Emile Durkheim invented it).

[3] granted, the Nobel Prize isn’t what it used to be. Today, any fool can win a Nobel Prize. Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993 was awarded to negro “novelist” and “college professor” Toni Morrison.

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    1. Not so great leap forward Says:

      Thinking and doing are a construct of the white male capitalist pig patriarchy.
      Muh fweewings and muh genitals will be the egalitarian way forward.
      The Nobel participation trophy prize?
      They should be in Cracker Jack boxes by now.