9 October, 2021

For Newbies: Thoughts on Christianity

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(Some years ago in America, there was a man whose wife was raped for days and then murdered by a criminal. The criminal ended up on death row. The man went to the prison which was holding the criminal, and he forgave the criminal for his crimes! Such forgiveness by Christians is not uncommon, either. Christians often suffer enormous abuse at the hands of bad people, only to forgive them afterwards. It’s ridiculous and in fact it’s completely abnormal behavior).

Is Christianity a good thing? A few parts of it are good (such as the Commandment that “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”). But most of Christianity isn’t good, and in fact, it’s dangerous to White societies.

Christianity is an egalitarian, non-White, Jewish religion that somehow ended up in White Europe circa 500 AD [1][2]. Some parts of Christian ideology can be described as “communist” in attitude (e.g., the idea of human equality).

As long as Christianity is a force in the West, White people cannot effectively fight our greatest enemy, the Jews, because the Jews are vicious opponents (and they never forgive) [3]. Put simply, Christianity turns White people into wimps. (Also, the idea that Whites can use a Jewish egalitarian religion to fight the Jews is laughable).

Fact: without Christianity, the West would have permanently purged all of its Jews long ago. Yes, long ago! Only the soft, wimpy, “turn the other cheek, Jesus was a Jew” Christian mentality prevented that purge from happening. So the West can thank Christianity for its ultimate ruin at the hands of the Jews.

If the West has any hope of surviving (and that’s a big “if”), it must get rid of Christianity.


[1] Christianity has Jewish roots, i.e., Jews wrote the Old Testament.

[2] Christianity arrived in England and France circa 500 AD.

[3] Jews are genetically non-White. They have been “at war” with White people since at least Ancient Rome. In fact, Jews have led the anti-White movements in the modern Western world, e.g., encouraging multiculturalism and non-White immigration.

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