7 October, 2021

Homosexuality and the James Webb Space Telescope

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by Jerry Abbott.

“I oppose changing the name of the James Webb Space Telescope to anything else. This is a “woke” political move, and if it is successful it will only feed a Marxist beast that is best left to starve. It’s an out-growth of cancel culture. Giving this beast what it wanted is what ruined the Star Wars movie series. It can’t do anything positive for the JWST, either.

How often are we led to assume that our best thinkers of yesteryear, contemplating the same social controversies that we do, somehow got it all wrong, and that the present views are more correct? Maybe they were right and we are wrong.

With regard to the consensus of thinking on homosexuality, a sea-change began in 1973. Homosexuals, together with Marxist activists, had infiltrated the American Psychiatric Association and took it over from within. They changed a long-standing conclusion that homosexuality itself was a behavioral disorder and substituted their preferred belief that homosexuality was merely an alternative lifestyle. The harm done to society through lower birthrates, higher rates of infection for certain diseases, the lowering of moral standards, the diversion of human energy from productive purposes to self-indulgent ones having (at best) zero payoff in terms of future capital… none of this was considered when homosexuality was removed from the APA’s diagnostic manual.

All the other cultural dominoes that have fallen to homosexual normalization since 1973 fell from that initial woke push. We have seen the playing out of a moral and cultural slippery slope, as well as an exemplification of the principle of mass psychology described in metaphor as “Heat the frogs slowly enough, and they won’t realize that they are being cooked.”

Sex itself came about as a means of promoting genetic diversity in species without depending on mutations to provide variant alleles. The pleasure that people get from sex is an evolved inducement for men and women to have sex and thereby engender children. Homosexuality is a perversion of sexuality. Biologically, homosexuality is a waste of time. Additionally, homosexual acts spread diseases more efficiently than normal (heterosexual) sex does, and anal sexual penetration leads to the loss of the body’s ability to hold fecal waste, which requires the use of adult diapers.

Homosexuality is, frankly, nasty. You’d realize it if the people who have twisted our thinking did it all in a year, instead of over half a century.”


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