13 October, 2021

In a Way, a Thanks Is In Order

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This sounds odd to say, but: the Western world should, in a way, thank the people who cooked up the Covid-19 scamdemic. Why? Several reasons:

1. The biggest reason why we should thank them is this: the true nature of the political Left (a.k.a. liberals) has now been revealed for everyone to see. Leftists have been insisting for decades that they are “tolerant” people. “We’re easy-going!” they said. “We’re not hate-filled thugs like those conservatives!” Well, the Covid-19 event has shown just the opposite: liberals are extremely intolerant and thuggish, to the point of cruelty. They seem to enjoy “controlling the little people” (i.e., the citizens). Indeed, leftists seem to live for power and control. They love to use government mandates to force the citizens to do A, B and C (look at California or New York) whether the citizens want to or not. Despite good evidence that the Covid-19 vaccinations are unsafe, leftists have insisted that every man, woman, child and dog get “the jab” or else! This is cruelty and anti-freedom. It’s a Soviet Union mentality (in fact, the West can be divided up into two camps: those who demand that every human get “the jab” [leftists] and those who don’t demand it [conservatives and moderates]).

2. Another reason why we should thank the cooks of the Covid scamdemic is: the citizens no longer trust the mainstream media, the government, or Big Pharma. Which will only help right-wing populists.

3. Freedom will now be cherished, much more than ever before. So, by default, leftism will become less popular.

[Article] and [Article].

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