21 October, 2021

Joe Hill, or, Liberalism is a Cult of Lies and Hate

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I happened upon an internet mention of Joe Hill (real name Hägglund), the infamous, leftist labor-union activist who was executed by the state of Utah in 1915 for killing two people. The “official leftist narrative” about Hill is that he was framed for the murders and wrongly executed. But that’s bullshit. How do I know it’s bullshit? Because every leftist narrative spun since 1750 is bullshit. In fact, liberalism is a cult of lies and hate (hate because liberals hate White culture. One liberal said that White people should pay more in taxes than everyone else. Why? Because Whites are, presumably, the root of all evil. Actually, the joke was on him because White people already pay more in taxes than everyone else, due to America’s “progressive” income tax! In other words, the more money you earn (and Whites earn more), the more taxes (as a percentage of your salary) you pay. Getting a pay raise at work won’t help you, because it merely bumps you into the next-higher tax bracket. So any raise you get is actually worthless. Why bother to work harder?).

It would take thousands of pages to create a book documenting the lies that liberals have told just this year. Indeed, I was shocked when I learned the truth about liberals: that they care nothing about the truth! What do they care about? Winning political battles! That’s all they care about! Really! And they don’t care what they have to do to win those political battles. If the liberals have to lie, cheat, steal, use force, and at times commit murder, then they’ll do it. They have an immoral, “the ends justify the means” mentality. Look at the 2020 federal election: first the leftists stole it, and now they lie about stealing it! And look at the Covid-19 vaccines: the liberals know they are dangerous but they’re trying to force everybody to get the vaccines anyway, for reasons that are not exactly clear (thinning out the White race? Controlling the White race? Both?). First the liberals said: “Covid vaccines will never be mandatory, and they’re only needed by at-risk people, such as the elderly.” But now they say: “the vaccines are perfectly safe, and 5-year-olds must get vaccinated.” Children are nearly immune to Covid, so why do they want to vaccinate children and risk giving them myocarditis? That’s pure hate.

Liberals penalize success and reward failure. Only childish, angry, illogical people do that.

Liberals are, collectively, a cult of lies and hate. Liberals are dangerous people and they should be treated as such. They must not be allowed to hold any positions of power in the Western world. If they want to sing or act, or dance or write poetry, fine (they’re talented in “the arts”). But they must not be allowed to hold positions of authority over the citizens. They’re not the appropriate type of people for that. They don’t have the morals and values needed to do that. They are hateful children in adult bodies and they should not rule over normal people. (Also, I should mention that leftism, at least in America, is a Jewish construct, stemming from Jewish-founded socialism and communism) [1][2][3].


[1] Jewish historian Ezra Mendelsohn said that, in the 1920s era in America, “Jewishness was synonymous with political radicalism.”

[2] Many liberal organizations were predominately-Jewish-founded, e.g., the UN, American labor unions, the NAACP.

[3] Major communists and socialists in America who were Jews:


— Jay Lovestone (true name Jacob Liebstein; a founder of the communist party; his father was a rabbi)

— Nicholas Hourwich (a founder of the communist party)

— Benjamin Gitlow (a founder of the communist party)

— Israel Amter (a founder of the communist party)

— Louis Shapiro (a founder of the communist party)

— Maximilian Cohen (a founder of the communist party)

— Bertram Wolfe (a founder of the communist party)

— Isaac E. Ferguson (a founder of the communist party and the son of a rabbi)

— Alexander Stoklitsky (Secretary of the Central Executive Committee of the communist party)

— Alexander Bittelman (theoretician of the communist party and editor of its magazine)

— Rose Pastor Stokes (t/n Wieslander; a founder of the communist party; a union organizer; amusingly, she married a millionaire! I guess money is only evil sometimes);

Socialists (granted, there was a lot of crossover between the communists and the socialists):

— Daniel De Leon (died 1914; a major labor activist; he pioneered “revolutionary industrial unionism”)

— Julius Hammer (founder of the Socialist Labor Party of America)

— Morris Hillquit (t/n Moishe Hillkowitz; a member of the socialist party’s National Executive Committee)

— Victor Berger (a founder of the Social Democratic Party of America; he was the first socialist elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1910).

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