22 October, 2021

Oh, So That Is the Covid Vaxx Plan!

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A quote from a horror movie: “Do I believe it? Twenty years ago, I would have said “not a chance.” But today? Anything’s possible.”

“Destroying natural immunity will give them control over humanity” someone wrote, about Covid-19 vaccines.

So this is the reason they want to vaccinate the entire West with “the jab”! White people will no longer have healthy immune systems after getting vaxxed, and they will then be totally dependent on Big Pharma and Big Government to keep the White population healthy. Clever! And the theory fits like a glove. Indeed, observe the behavior of Big Pharma and Big Government during the past year: they have been denying the old idea of “natural immunity” and instead they insist that everyone, everyone “get the jab.” They also don’t want anyone to take effective, cheaper drugs to treat Covid, such as Ivermectin. The theory fits. Perfectly. That’s the reason they want to vaxx the entire West, even little kids.

Note about this video: HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is not AIDS. Instead, many experts believe that HIV causes AIDS after maybe 3 or 4 years inside your body.

[Video, 5 minutes].

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