17 October, 2021

Online Movie, Plus Juvenile Delinquency

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Over The Edge (1979; an independent film about juvenile delinquents).

Since circa 1967, all the cultural messages received by kids’ brains are negative. That wasn’t true in 1955. (Do you think that’s a Cohencidence? I do. The bible of the New Left, “One-Dimensional Man”, written by Jewish communist Herbert Marcuse, came out in 1964. Yes, it’s very much a Cohencidence! In fact, the New Left is so Jewish that the list of its leaders reads like the guest book at a bar mitzvah [1]).

Anyway, this movie “takes you back to a time and a place” (I heard a guy say that once about the rock group Blue Cheer’s drummer. He beat his drums until Hell wouldn’t have it — great caveman-style drumming).

“Rebellion is cool.” That’s the overall Jewish message. It’s found in movies, TV shows, books and rock music. “Fighting the system is noble, hip and righteous.” That’s the message that kids hear.

Today’s White kids rebel because they have nothing to believe in. No heroes. Back in 1955, the kids had heroes (John Wayne, for example). But since circa 1967, the counter-culture has held the White kids hostage, leading them down the wrong path. The movies, the TV shows and rock music have held them in the grasp of Cultural Marxism. The counter-culture has told them to rebel against everything. I like rock music, sure, but I also understand the great harm it does to society.

Bad kids usually come from “latch key” (nobody is ever home) homes. The kids run wild. No supervision. Good kids come from loving, caring homes. Most latch key homes are liberal homes where the liberal wife works 10 hours per day (including a 1-hour commute) at some shiny office building Back East (usually in Assachusetts or Connednecticut). Kids need stable, 2-parent homes. Mom isn’t doing the family any good by being gone 10 hours per day. Mammon (material wealth) isn’t nearly as important as family.

[Video, 1 hour, 34 minutes].


[1] Jewish, New Left leaders include: Herbert Marcuse, Paul Krassner, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Allen Ginsberg, Ram Dass (aka Richard Alpert), Robert Greenblatt, Alan Haber, Aryeh Neier, Phil Ochs; and quoting a former SDS leader: “a majority of the steering committee of the 1964 Berkeley Free Speech Movement were Jewish” and amazingly, 3 of the 4 radical students shot by National Guardsmen at Kent State University in Ohio in 1970 were Jews (hence the hysterical media outcry at the time: how dare they shoot God’s Pets!)

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