5 October, 2021

Rhodesia: Still Like Heaven in Some Places

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(Above: the flag of Rhodesia; technically, there have been two Rhodesias, due to name changes: Southern Rhodesia, from 1923 to 1965, and Republic of Rhodesia, until 1980).

Look at this video from far-eastern Rhodesia (i.e., south of Mutare, near Honde Valley), Africa. It’s like Heaven. Where’s Saint Peter?? I almost booked plane reservations, but then I remembered: it’s full of negroes. Plus, I couldn’t fly anyway since I haven’t gotten “The Jab.”

Rhodesia (ruled by White people) has been called “Zimbabwe” since 1980. Blacks run it now (thanks, Kissinger!). But strangely, parts of Rhodesia are still unruined and beautiful. Rhodesia had some of the best farms in the world; they had, like, 6-pound carrots and 12-pound squash. Then the Blacks took over Rhodesia and destroyed it. Of course! That’s what Blacks do: destroy. Today, you couldn’t find a carrot in all of Zimbabwe.

Anyway, look at this place, especially near the end of the video:

[Video, 20 minutes].

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