15 October, 2021

The Covid Jab Contains a Patented, Nano-Technology Tracking Device, Which Leads to Obedience Platforms

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So, the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) of the U.S. Department of Defense (the U.S. military) is helping to track Covid-vaxxed people. How very odd! So, not only will Big Pharma make billions of dollars selling the “vaccines,” but it’ll also make billions of dollars with the personal information that the bio-tracking devices provide! That’s called “having your cake and eating it, too!” So that’s why they wanted to jab the whole world, but especially Whites! Oddly, in one example, religious people are culled out to get “another jab” earlier than others via the nano-technology that is “telegraphed out” from the “vaccine nano-tech transmitters.” Also identified via nano-tech are possible “super-spreaders.” Orwellian. You’re a radio-collared sheep now. Baaa-aaaa!

[Video, 1 hour].

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