20 October, 2021

The French Guy

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Re: the Sept. 29th post “Zounds! Covid Was Planned, Says a Powerful French Political Figure”:

Now we know the Frenchman’s name: Philippe Argillier, a French billionaire and the President of Human Rights Unity. He is spilling the beans on The Great Reset/the Deep State/the election theft/the Covid-19 bullshit. Being a billionaire and an insider, he’d know many things that you don’t. Argillier apparently has 4 databases of information: names, dates, who did what to who. Apparently, about 38 people control the global “shadow government,” meaning those billionaires and plutocrats basically control the world. Donald Trump was apparently a guy who accidentally got into the White House, and he “had to” be removed from office by any means necessary). Maria Zack vouches for Argillier, and she seems credible.

[Video, 1 hour, 20 minutes]

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