24 October, 2021

The Joys of Globalism: Fewer Supplies Available Now

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Circa 1970, America made everything: from batteries to radios to medical equipment to tools. Today? America makes almost nothing. We import almost everything. All of our manufacturing jobs are gone. Go to any hardware store: 80% of the tools are made in China. Why? Two reasons: labor unions and job outsourcing. Both came primarily from Jews [1]. You can thank the Clinton Administration for the outsourcing. All our manufacturing jobs have gone to China and Mexico [2].

“Daniels attributed much of the bottlenecks to the country’s reliance on international trade. He told the network that if more products were made in the U.S., a supply crunch such as the one gripping much of America would not be as severe. He particularly criticized the country’s relationship with distributors across the Pacific Ocean in Asia.”



[1] Labor unions caused higher wages, which led to higher production prices, which made job outsourcing much more attractive to American industry. America’s labor union movement was built by Jews such as: Samuel Gompers, Sidney Hillman, David Dubinsky, Rose Schneiderman, Ralph Helstein, Lillian Herstein, Abraham Cahan, B. Charney Vladeck, Jacob S. Potofsky, Arthur J. Goldberg (a legal strategist and negotiator for Big Labor), and Bill and Jackie Presser. Worse, there were many communists in the labor unions. For decades, labor union dues were used to fund left-wing political causes, an idea pioneered by Hillman.

[2] the Jewish government official Sandy “My Socks Are Not Bulging!” Berger (of the Clinton Administration) was the point-man for “growing” China from a backwards farming country into a global powerhouse within a short time. Of course, Asians are like ants: they work well collectively. It didn’t take them long to build China into a superpower. Here’s one news quote about Berger: “He drew on his experience on Capitol Hill to lobby Congress to allow China into the World Trade Organization, part of a big gamble by the Clinton administration” — from an AP article. That was a bad idea! Allowing a communist country into the WTO?? What the hell?? Also, a law that Bill Clinton signed said that, if China joined the WTO, then permanent Most Favored Nation trade status for China would follow (despite the fact that China has murdered and oppressed millions of its citizens!). It did follow. And that, in turn, led to the outsourcing of millions of American jobs to China. If there is a war between America and China in the future (and that seems somewhat likely), you can thank the many Jews in the Clinton Administration for China’s military strength (that administration was about 75% Jewish, which seems incredible since America isn’t a Jewish nation; currently, the so-called “Biden Administration” contains a similar number of Jews).

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