9 October, 2021

Violating the Principles of Free Speech

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The principles of free speech (by the way, the concept of “free speech” came from White men in 1789 France; we invent it, they remove it) are well-established: as long as you don’t falsely yell “fire” in a crowded theater (it could cause a stampede), or yell “let’s go burn the city down!” (that’s inciting a riot), then it’s free speech and it’s acceptable. No violence, or threat of violence, equals “acceptable” according to the law.

But wait! Now, merely questioning Jewish science is cause for censorship [1]. “Misinformation” is the new buzzword today. If you “peddle misinformation” about Subject X, Y or Z, then you’re evil and you must be banned from all good society.



[1] as I have noted elsewhere, “climate science” is a “Jewish thing” and has been since at least circa 1970, e.g., Dr. Barry Commoner and blonde-girl-killer Ira Einhorn

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