12 November, 2021

A CRT Redux

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Critical Race Theory (CRT) began as “Critical Theory applied to American law in order to benefit non-Whites.” It was originally called Critical Legal Studies (CLS) circa 1977. CLS morphed into CRT in the 1980s.

Like most forms of Cultural Marxism, CRT spread like a cancer, and it’s now found in every public school in America, and it’s brainwashing innocent 7-year-olds into thinking that White people are evil.

The major intellectual figure behind CRT was Alan David Freeman (1943-1995), a Jewish law professor. His sidekick, Derrick Bell (1930-2011), a Black quota hire who is frequently mentioned in the media as being a key man behind CRT, really isn’t even worth talking about; but ironically, in circa 1993, Blacks highjacked CRT, which was previously a heavily-Jewish, university-oriented movement. Perhaps the Blacks saw the Jews as “White.” More about the history of CRT: [Here].

A standard media narrative about CRT is: “White parents don’t understand CRT. They don’t even know what it is!” Yes, they do — hence the reason they are fighting it.

Importantly, CRT — like many leftist ideologies — couldn’t exist without postmodernist philosophy (aka, postMarxism), which reached a “high point” circa 1960. Postmodernist philosophy is updated Marxism and can be described as “non-philosophy posing as philosophy and pushed by Jews and homosexual child-molesters.” Major postmodernist philosophers include the Jew, Jacques Derrida, and the creepy homosexual kiddie-diddler Michel Foucault.


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