5 November, 2021

After the Election, a Jewish Actress Suggests Fascism Can Be Found in Virginia

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“Fascism is alive and well in America” says a Jewish actress [1]. It is?? Great!! Where is this fascism? In Virginia? Where is it at, exactly? (But I thought fascists were anti-democratic?? Mussolini certainly was) [2].



[1] Rosanna Arquette has a Jewish mother, making her a Jew under Jewish religious law (i.e., halakha or halakhic law); a Jew is defined as “someone born of a Jewish mother”; Orthodox Jews don’t consider “converts to the religion of Judaism” to be true Jews.

[2] “And consequently Fascism is opposed to Democracy, which equates the nation to the majority, lowering it to the level of that majority…” — Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini, 1932. He founded fascism as a response to Bolshevism, which was spreading like wildfire through Europe. To be clear, “fascism” in this post refers not to the type found in the confused, semi-leftist Fascio di Combattimento of 1919, but to the later, perfected version of it found in the Partito Nazionale Fascista (PNF; 1921-1943). Unlike communism, fascism actually works and it can allow a country to remain White — if the country wants to and if the leaders are capable, of course. Democracy is a loser: it means “negroes and retards voting.”

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